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The Hill Alberton Pretoria
"Dr Shawn Steward's treatments are excellent. I was in severe pain after a hysterectomy gone wrong that was debilitating. I could not even walk fast without being in pain. He assisted with neural therapy 95% of my pain has been relieved."
- Yolanda Komen
"Shawn and his team are really working hard to make a difference in the health and life quality of many people here. I truly share his vision to achieve his goal of opening up an alternative medicine hospital. He is doing pioneering work in the field of cancer treatments without using any chemicals."
- Neels Jansen
"Everyone is helpful and genuinely concerned about the well being of the patients."
- Valerio Sartori
"So blest to have found Breath of Life. A major op had caused a paralysis of the nerves from hips to feet. For 5yrs went from neuro doc to neuro doc with no help. 4 Neurol treatments from Shaun and feeling has been restored. Totaly non invassive. My life has been changed and altho i need physio to assist with rebuilding muscle and learning to walk correctly, i am totaly restored. Thank you Shaun. To Sybil i thank you for your council and encouragement you are precious Jewel and that goes for Gail and as well.
God bless you all for the amazing work you are doing. Definitely need more recognition out there.
Eternally greatful thank you
Love always Sylvia van der Weide"
- Sylvia van der Weide
"Relaxing atmosphere"
- Abdulwajied Kaldine
"I would have been dead 4 years ago, natural treatment cures."
- Tommy Soutar
"A real alternative to mainstream medicine"
- Sergio Simoes
"This place is filled with hope"
- Yorick Broom
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